A few more favourite things

So not long ago I posted a list of recommended baby products. Well it’s back and this time focusing on products for the slightly older baby.

1. Fisher Price Rain Forest Chairs

Since outgrowing their infant chairs these have been an excellent replacement for us. It adjusts to two different seating angles, has an activity bar to entertain the children which they love and even a music mode – which we have never used. Sturdy and cute they have been lifesavers for twins!

2. Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo

Luna has terrible cradle cap which we used coconut oil and vaseline to remove but we also had.problems with shampoos. We found that a lot.of shampoos gave her a reaction, and so when I was recommended this product I was desperately hoping it was the answer to all problems. It has really helped with the cradle cap and so far caused no reaction – hurrah!

3. Fisher Price: Jumperoo

I have this on loan from a friend and it’s brilliant. At first I thought they didn’t like it but now Luna has actually cried because I took her out of it once. It’s an entertainment center which encourages them to move. I never leave them and they only have 30 minutes at a time however it gives me some time with the twin who isn’t using it.

4. Christmas Lights (preferably rope lights)

Kids love LED lights especially the young ones and so I found Christmas lights are an amazing toy to hold and look ATM obviously full supervision is needed we don’t want them eating or putting it too close to their eyes but they seriously love it!!

5. LED Animals

Whilst we’re on the theme of light we were gift these two LED animals which they absolutely adore. It changes colour and gives them the opportunity to practice gripping things.

6. That’s not my…

I always make sure we have reading sessions throughout the day. Unfortunately when I first started it was before bed time so now am convinced that may be why they don’t always enjoy it despite how animated I get when I read. However these books are one of the few that excite them, they enjoy the textures and can’t wait for their turn to feel pages.

7. Gro Egg.

I’m stupidly obsessed with temperature when it comes to the children. This is because I have hypothyroidism so I can’t be trusted to know if it’s too cold or too hot. The Gro Egg makes life easier, puts into perspective how many they need on as well as being a nice night light.

8. Little Baby Bum

This programme is on Netflix but also on YouTube and items brilliant. Tehybare nursery rhymes to a cute animation. The channel was started by a British couple who have launched it into its own business. This keeps the girls entertained whilst I do jobs, go to the toilet etc. They get a lot out of it, they’ve learnt a lot of nursery rhymes and know which ones they don’t like when they grunt or cry for me to change the song which I think is pretty good at their age. I make sure they spend too long watching though! Even if they’re having a bad day!

9. Farm friends bowling set

We got these given to us second hand but the girls love them. You may have previously read that Lola has weak arms so this is a great toy to help her practise gripping and holding objects as it’s quite tricky for her. I always use the animals for my rendition of ‘Old McDonald’ and ‘Ten in the bed’ but starting at six and taking them away when we’re done playing.

10. Ger’s Knits

So one of the first gifts we received were these hand knitted coats. They’re so well made and gorgeous that I’ve been helping Ger to set up a Facebook page and website so people can get these knits. They’re great for this cold weather because they keep you warm and you can wear them in the car seat instead of big puffy jackets which are dangerous for children to wear in cars. They come in a range of styles and colours too. Check out her website.


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