To feed or not to feed

Warning this page has poo pictures

This may not be the case for all parents but I’d happily vouch that the majority would agree that poo becomes a regular talking point when you become a mum.

For my husband and I we’ve never been shy about the subject. We have for the longest time been quite matter of fact for example if one of us goes the other will say when they get back ‘better?’

When you have children there are a lot of nappy changes. I would say roughly about 8 – 12 a day depending on the poo situation and as I have twins it’s double that and quite lot of cleaning anus and dealing with poo.

What has fascinated me about coming a Mum (not the only thing obviously) is how the poo varies and changes. I didn’t do any of the early nappy changes, my husband did them but when I was more able I was aware of the dreaded black and also the green stuff. Even now their poo can change from one day to the next sometimes when they haven’t had my boobs to cause the reaction.

The reason I am writing this article is because I’m looking for advice on a situation. Luna is experiencing constipation so bad that she get blocked up. She has prescribed medicine to unblock herself however it still causes her pain to pass and has produced what can only be described as mega poos (see image below, remember she’s only five months old). Now we’re close to the time for weaning I don’t know if it’s worth starting slightly early however I have huge hesitations about doing so which I’ll explain now.

At some point during their vaccination period Lola’s poo started to change. If you’ve read my articles you may have seen it here it is:

Lots of curdled milk bits and lots of stringy mucus which then went onto to become very mucus poos.

I spent a lot of time on the net looking for what it meant, went to the doctor’s who didn’t know, cheekily got my husband to ask a colleague at the hospital who guessed it was an allergy. So we changed Lola to Goats Milk to see how that changed the poo, it made it better but not completely. I came off dairy and then Luna started to experience the same sure symptoms so we changed her to Goat. I went back to the Doctor’s who said that sometimes this happen as the result of vaccinations so we should clear their system with non animal formula and breast and then return to it. Before we could try it their poo was back to normal – hurrah.

However it has changed again. Lola has gotten slimy poo again since she’s having more breast so not concerned. It’s greenish on the poo chart. Yes that’s right I have a go to poo charts stored in my images. See below.

However Luna started getting the constipation. It was by day three, no poo and screaming every time she felt the urge that then triggered me to try the poo medicine. Paediatrician was clear that she wasn’t to use it all the time only when it was very bad. That’s when Luna did the mega poo although I had to help her lift legs and support her by encouraging her to keep going like she was giving birth or something…

So now this is becoming problem should I start easing her into solids that may help? Here is my issue. They both have had issues with bowels that makes me think they’re more susceptible to allergies which supposedly starting solids too soon can cause. Then again you only need read online to see that there’s research saying earlier weaning can prevent peanut allergies? Also are they ready to start? Once you start you can’t stop. And starting solids can cause worse constipation. Plus it’s only three weeks away.

I’m also reluctant because it means they’re leaving baby stage (in my opinion) and what if they both choke at the same time (a horrible and terrifying thought).

So parents what should I do? To feed or not to feed? That indeed is my question.


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