A few of my favourite things…

By no means am I an expert and you may find different products suit you and your circumstances better however I thought I’d do a top ten list of baby equipment that has served me well. However I remembered so many awesome things it became a top 13. I’m sure there’s more but I’ll do another version at a later date.

1. Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep

A recommendation that has given me so many hours of my life back. It’s quick, simple and fast! Makes the formula to the correct temperature. For twin’s its brilliant because it makes the food in under two minutes and because the minimum amount is four ounces they could split milk and it not be wasted when they were small. Just remember it’s COLD water you need to refill it with. Someone I know had theirs filled with hot and it destroyed it. Only use hot to change filter but follow the instructions, they’re very easy, if I can do it anyone can.

2. Mountain Buggy

This is twin specific but then again you can adapt it to different modes for different ages so if you have two kids it can work as well. This is a dream to push, it does a lot of different terrains and easily fits through most doors. The only downside is the sitting parent facing mode – I wouldn’t bother with it, such a waste of time, you can’t adjust it and the children hate it. Carrycots are good. They are slim, but your children will fit in them. The only issue with this is the roof, it wants to collapse all the time unless you properly lock it and even then it’ll play silly buggers. However you get the luxury of looking at both of your little ones without one of them being partly blocked by the other with tandem designs.

3. Bloombaby chairs

This may sound over dramatic but there’s no way I would have coped being a twin mum without these. I had help early days and then these arrived once the help was going and it made everything so much more manageable. The girls have slept, ate, laughed, cried, peed, pooped in these chairs. It was a sad day when I knew they were getting too big for them. They were a brilliant gift.

4. Dr Brown bottles

At first we used some Tommy Tippee bottles but found quickly that they didn’t help our gassy children. Both our girls have terrible trapped wind and this bottle has significantly made this better. The green part takes in the milk to prevent them swallowing lots of air. So if you are bottle feeding and have gassy children then this is a must have. It’s expensive but worth it to not be constantly winding your children.

5. Ewan the Sheep.

I received this from my sister as a gift and it’s amazing.

Certainly in the early days it would be quite hard to settle the babies sometimes, one always sets off the other. Just the press of the button and two minutes later snoring babies. Later it became a companion for Lola who loves soft toys. And when Luna is being particularly reluctant to sleep nowadays I put it on and it stills settles her. I couldn’t recommend this enough. Plus it’s super cute. Four different modes, white noise, lullaby (which drove me mad for a time as my Mum would never stop playing it), heart monitor and white noise/ monitor mix. Batteries last a while too.

6. Babylo changing station

This is a great baby changing station because it’s tall so no bending, but also has a baby bath built into it which makes for a great first bath. My girls are bigger now so really sad I can’t use the bath anymore it was so brilliant. And after having a C Section I was able to help with changing nappies which I couldn’t at my other station because I had to bend too much. A bit pricey and a large size but a worthwhile piece of equipment I say.

7. Korbell bin

This bin is pretty awesome. Its a gigantic bag that you cut off when you need to. It has saved endless trips to the big bin. There have a large size and mini bins too. Tommy Tipee do a similar system however every time you use it you have to crank it which with twins you don’t want the hassle. We have never had odour from it plus it will stop maggot bin because they shouldn’t be able to get to the bin. The only issue is the bags are expensive but if you use wisely it’s a worthwhile cost for us.

8. Two Queen Bee bag

A pricey bag but it’s so massive that it’ll hold everything you’ll ever need if you’re a twin mum.

Currently in my bag I have; 40 nappies; changing mat; mini bag that contains wipes, sudocream, cotton wools, nappy bags; 4 baby rattle toys, 8 outfits, a 1l thermos and two large containers of powder.

It holds alot!

9. Fabric window mesh

If you’re a driver this is an essential buy unless of course you already have tinted windows. This will block out that pesky sun from your children’s eyes. Shame there isn’t a back window version.

There’s loads of different ones available for different cars.

10. Non contact thermometer

Again like the fabric mesh there’s lots of different brands that do this. This product has been so good. So easy to get their temperature instead of shoving it under their arm and praying they don’t wriggle so much you have to take another three readings.

11. Nasal Aspirator

For you experienced parents you may laugh when I say I had no idea that babies couldn’t get rid of their own snot. So when inevitably one of them got a stuffy nose we didn’t know what to do. I ordered this and it hasn’t let me down. Three suction levels, you add the baby adapter and it sucks away. With a dry boogey you’ll want to spray saline up their nose first. Additional to the suction it has music and a light show but I’ve never needed to use it.

12. Mamas and Papas Swing chair

Luna is a tricky girl to get to sleep. When she was young she was particularly bad that when she was a few months old we decided to use this swinging chair to help her sleep. It worked every time. Battery run, it has three different levels that swing your baby into a slumber. We had big babies so it felt safe to use earlier than it was probably designed for as we received it second hand. It’s saved a lot of achy arms. I will say that if used frequently you will need to change the batteries which aren’t cheap.

13. Matchstick Monkeys

Now the girls have started teething, all they want to do is ram their hands down their throats. It drives me crazy. I needed a solution and my sister in law recommended these. They’re easy to grip, massage the teeth with its head and they are BPA free.

So a mixture of expensive and cheap products. I hope this has been useful or interesting to read

Love B x


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