Proud Mother

This image makes me really proud. This post is all about why this moment was so special.

Lola was born second by an elective c section and when she was pulled out had the cord wrapped around her neck twice which also had a knot in it.

If you’ve read my other post you’ll know I talk about the difficulties of the last few months of pregnancy. Well for Lola I imagine those last few months were just as bad. The only way I could sleep was lying on her so she had her 8lb sister and me on top of her.

You’ll also know I refer to health issues. Well when Lola was born she couldn’t move her neck and her arms were weak. No one seemed bothered by this initially but with our persistence and gut instinct we got a doctor involved and she was referred for Physio. The therapist was very good and knew the problem needed more exploration and finally we were given the diagnosis of Hypotonia. In a nutshell its muscle weakness in her neck and arms which could be something more serious but could just recover itself naturally. We didn’t receive this diagnosis until she was nearly three months old.

The Physio has been life changing for Lola. Before she could only look to one side, not able to move her own neck herself. She couldn’t really lift her arms.

You can see she gets better in later images
Baby Lola waiting for Physio

Overtime she has come on leaps and bounds all because of these daily exercises and her own inquisitiveness. She’s now beginning to crawl/ slither on her back, looking around, lift her arms, grab things and as you can see beginning to sit up.

I’m so proud because a few months ago the doctor wasn’t sure if she’d ever be able to walk. But I believe she’ll do that and whatever she wants to do. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Well done Lola.

Love B


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