Did my baby really just say that?

I have a debate I would quite like you to participate in.

Today I was doing the usual videos to send to the hubbie which are normally asking one of the children if they did a poo or not.

It all started with this video which my mother in law adored so much she’s pretty much shown it to everyone she knows which you can find here: https://youtu.be/NYBJ2yf1c_w

Anyway I filmed a video knowing one of them had done a poo but asking my husband to guess which one – the games we play! Anyway during the conversation I think I hear Luna say ‘Lola’ then ‘Una’.

She’s previous said Mama on two occasions when she was in distress but I never would have expected this given that she isn’t even 4 months old yet. I decided to share this with the family getting their views and a debate occured with my brother over WhatsApp.

I want you to hear both sides of our argument and to see what conclusion you come to. However it’s good to give you a glimpse into what happened on WhatsApp first.

Here is the video clip we’re talking about https://youtu.be/3sVUIPcORDE

I’ll go first as it’s my blog.

Yes it is a absurd that at 4 months my child would be speaking with intention. I don’t think for one second she understands what it means but she hears it a lot and had begun to mimic the sounds.

When Joe said the first couple of words, your ‘four month old’, ‘mental’ it was like I was hearing my Dad. Why? My dad before his Alzheimer’s took over was a clever man, a Doctor of Science and allowed logic to rule over anything else. A strong atheist, if it wasn’t logical he simply didn’t understand it. I think here my brother has mirrored my Dad, ‘most things you read’, he’s probably right but some things aren’t most things. Sometimes one offs happen which logic cannot explain.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not claiming my child is some Einstein but I do think in this instance she deserves a little credit. I think it’s interesting though as well because my brother writes a blog about niceness and how we should all be kinder yet rather than just say I don’t agree with you he calls me mental. That’s not kind it is Joe? For more of his far more intellectual musings check out https://beingandniceness.com it is rather good and in one particular article about our Nan touches upon the influence of family which I think is the case here.

Anyway in the interest of fairness and debate this is my brother’s argument

‘Most online articles or studies seem to suggest that babies don’t say their first words until they are at least one. Babies around the age of four months are usually expected to babble a combination of consonants and vowels. Many people think they are saying words like mama and dada but it’s actually just a coincidence – they don’t tend to even recognise those words for another few months, let alone say them. My son Sammy is almost one, and yet me and his mum are convinced that he still isn’t saying any proper words. It’s a lovely thought that your baby might be trying to mimic you at four months, but I haven’t seen my son do this yet, and have never heard of anyone with such a young child perform such an act.’

So there you are. Two arguments. Which side are you on? Get commenting and as ever thanks for reading.

Love B


One thought on “Did my baby really just say that?

  1. Yes it can happen twins tend to spend so much time together our twins have said big sisters name since 6 months old well a version of her name lol

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