Toddlers are testing

Hello there. It’s been a while. I’m sorry but not sorry about that. Sorry because I’ve not written about motherhood for a while which the purpose of this blog is to remind myself honestly about my experiences as a parent. I have a condition where my memory is bad and will eventually, shortly, forget all […]

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The Inbetweeners

So it’s been a while. And I have a lot to say – soz. I’m glad of the break. I needed to get back to reality so to speak. I found myself wallowing in self pity that I wasn’t getting out enough with the girls but equally exhausted from the relentless sleep regressions. So since […]

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On Facebook I’m a part of some Mum forums and I read the funniest story about moments of times when they let their children down and made mistakes as parents. It was so funny that I thought I ought to write my own version of memorable moments for my girls. I always had quite a […]

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Growing Traits

I was looking through some old photos and came across an old picture of my friends children. ‘Can’t believe it’s from about a year ago! It feels like 10 years and yesterday at the same time!’ I knew exactly what she meant. I had been looking at old pictured of the girls and couldn’t believe […]

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All by myself

‘Hard to be sure Sometimes I feel so insecure And love so distant and obscure Remains the cure’. All by Myself by Eric Carmen. I think rings true for a lot of new Mum’s. An old friend popped by to see the girls and me the other day. And I couldn’t help but feel I […]

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A few more favourite things

So not long ago I posted a list of recommended baby products. Well it’s back and this time focusing on products for the slightly older baby. 1. Fisher Price Rain Forest Chairs Since outgrowing their infant chairs these have been an excellent replacement for us. It adjusts to two different seating angles, has an activity […]

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